The flexitarian diet


The flexitarian diet was created for those who want to benefit from the healthiness
of a vegetarian diet, yet still be able to enjoy meat in small amounts.

Let’s go flex! You may have only heard the term flex for the gym when someone is showing off their muscles. To us, flex is flexitarianism.  The idea is that it is more of a lifestyle change instead of just a diet, so there are no specific rules or suggestions, making it an easier goal for people to achieve. Also, the flexitarian diet achieves many of the same results that a vegetarian diet does, such as being better for the environment and your health. Take a look at the Why Veggie page, for more details and information on how changing your diet helps.


your choice

Life is a series of choices, and what you eat every day is one of those choices.

 The effect of our choices can be seen throughout the rest of our life, so we try to make choices that allow us to be more healthy and happy. 

Making the choice to be flexitarian, or even vegetarian, is like saying to yourself that you want to make a difference for you and the world around you. Although it may seem like being flexitarian is more complicated than being vegetarian, it is easy if you know where to start, and that is why we are here to help.


the leap

The first step is to educate yourself as to why you should try being flexitarian.

 A good idea is to take a look at our Why Veggie page for more details and information on how changing your diet helps.

The second step is to make small, easy changes to your diet, starting with two meatless days per week before moving to three or even four days. You can also slowly switch from meats such as beef and pork to chicken and fish, or replace the meats in certain dishes with beans, lentils, or tofu to give yourself the feeling of eating meat while keeping the benefit of the protein. The final step is building a routine. Keeping the same nights every week as “no meat” nights, is a way for a healthy habit to form and allow you to continue achieving your new lifestyle. 

No matter what you decide to do with your diet and food choices, remember that even small changes can have a big impact.
Happy eating!

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