Marine Conservation Philippines

Why we created veggioke

The content of this website, the pictures and recipes are created by the non-profit NGO Marine Conservation Philippines.

Usually volunteers and researchers are busy with planting mangrove forests, surveying coral reefs and seagrass beds, and trying to understand the multitude of pressure our ecosystems face, so as to keep stakeholders informed, so they may respond appropriately.
The greatest threat we all face however is the climate breakdown. In essence, small NGOs like Marine Conservation Philippines are fighting battles and although we sometimes win the individual battles, by and large, collectively, we are all losing the war. Against the backdrop of climate change, saving something today, that will only perish in a decade or two, is at most a noble effort.
If we do not try and affect change across the world in the very drivers of the climate breakdown, all the efforts on the ground are in vain. This website, is us doing a small part to address one of the two great elephants in the room, when it comes to conservation of our planet.
The two elephants, what’s driving the destruction of out planet is simply how many we are, and what we eat. This website is however about food, not sex.
The impact of animal agriculture is well documented, and if you are interested you can find a multitude of references online. Watching the documentary Cowspiracy is probably a good starting point, if you start completely blank.
That’s why a website with vegetarian recipes becomes relevant for a marine conservation organisation. That’s why it is relevant for us all. There won’t be any coral reefs to provide food security and recreation in thirty years, (or at least not in a way we’d really recognise) if we don’t try and deal with the impact of our food choices.
I think we can change the world. We must at least try.
Program Manager,
Soren Knudsen