Marine Conservation Philippines

Why we created veggioke

We at marine conservation philippines love vegetarian food. we created this website to spread the message, share delicous recipes we've created and eat ourselves,
and inspire change in the philippines in any way we can.

Marine Conservation Philippines (MCP) a registered non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to preserving and protecting coastal resources in the Philippines through education, volunteerism and research. We engage local communities and policy makers and work to ensure solutions that will benefit both man and nature in the long run.

The world around us is changing and our ecosystems are in more peril than ever before.  Realizing this urgency, we bring people with diverse backgrounds and skills together to build financial, social and scientific capacity to respond to unprecedented threats to food security, societal stability and ocean health. While we focus mainly on the marine ecosystems, global warming and the threats are planet faces are global, and we try to help in any way we can.

We believe it is our collective responsibility to act and affect meaningful change, and that it is only through the choices we make and in how we influence others that we can ensure the world we are building will continue to include thriving and life-supporting marine ecosystems.

To realize this vision we will tirelessly work to educate the public and influential decision makers, like creating the website, to recognize the immeasurable value of the marine ecosystem, vastly improving the societal and natural environment of the Philippines, now and in the future.