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A selection of our best side dishes, snacks and desserts.

focaccia bread recipe


A classic made vegetarian

Any good meal deserves some delicious bread to go with it. This focaccia is surprisingly easy to make and can be combined with all kinds of dishes!


The perfect snack

Everyone loves a good cinnamon roll. These sweet and tasty snacks are easy to make, even in large quantities. Taste the cinnamon goodness yourself! 

Cinnamon rolls recipe
Dream cake recipe


A sweet & Fluffy cake

Having a lot of guest over tonight? This easy to make cake is the perfect dessert to any dish. 


Quick & easy

It may seem like there isn’t much to this stir-fried cabbage, but once you’ve tasted it, you’ll want to add it to any meal!

Stie fried cabbage recipe
Turmeric potatoes recipe

Turmeric potatoes

A great side dish

Looking for a new way to spice up your potato game? These turmeric potatoes will not disappoint you!

Vegetarian Siomai

Vegetarian twist on the classic

The siomai is an all-time favourite. Usually filled with chicken or fish, we replaced it with a combination of fresh vegetables and you end up with a delicious dish!

Vegetarian Siomai recipe
peanut sauce recipe


A great addition

This tasty peanut sauce can be combined with a variety of dishes. From a salad to potatoes, the peanut sauce goes with them all.


Easy couscous

This delicious couscous dish can be served as a main dish, but works even better as a side to many of our other recipes.

Patitim recipe
Cucumber salad recipe

Cucumber salad

Fresh & healthy

Want to lighten up your meal? The cucumber salad is healthy, yet refreshing addition to any meal.

Deep fried

Pockets filled with goodness

The classic dumplings with a vegetarian filling. We all crave some deep-fried snacks from time to time. And now they are healthier than ever!

Deep fried dumplings recipe

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