Why go vegetarian?

why eating less or no meat is the best thing you can do for the planet and yourself.

why should you reduce your consumption
of meat?

The vegetarian diet is a way to go green in more ways than one, and it’s more than just by eating the green vegetables. Eating more vegetables and less meat is great for the environment, your health, your wallet, and even your Instagram feed. Did you know that there are over 375 million vegetarians around the world? Wow! That’s a lot of people! However, it is still more than just being trendy that makes many people want to become veggie heads. Good news, vegetarian food is actually delicious. Who knew!? We did, which is why you can take a look at all the wonderful recipes in our online cookbook to get you started.



Let’s talk about how being vegetarian actually helps the environment.

The world we live in is made up of both land and ocean, and in fact, 72% of the earth is covered in water. It is only in the past 35 years that the most global warming has happened, causing rising ocean temperatures and water levels as well as increasing the Earth’s temperature resulting in more weather changes and longer dry seasons.

A major reason for this is the animal industry, meaning the raising of cows, goats, and sheep. Methane gas, which comes from animal manure, is 23 times as warming as carbon dioxide causing a faster rise in temperature and water level on Earth. Well, what if I just change to a different car or truck that is good for the environment? In reality, becoming vegetarian will lower the amount of greenhouse gases much quicker than switching to a fuel efficient car or truck. It does this by simply lowering demand for animal products which means that less animals are being raised and less methane is being released into the air.

Look at that, one simple step and you are already helping the environment in an amazing way!



As well as helping the environment, going veggie is great for your health.

Did you know that many animals are given antibiotics and hormones that can contain trace amounts of arsenic, a poisonous substance which is dangerous if taken over a long period of time?

Don’t worry though, a vegetarian diet may be the answer. Eating plant foods, such as fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes, which are full of nutrients and vitamins, is known to reduce obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and can even help to prevent certain types of cancer. Incredible! 

In addition, many of these foods are also really tasty. Simple and easy ingredients can be put together to form a dish that is more than just cooked vegetables.



It isn’t surprising that being vegetarian is also good for your wallet.

Vegetables can be found year-round at local markets and often have more variety than meat options making veggies easier to buy for use in a dish.

In addition, most meat is more expensive than vegetables, so many people will choose a vegetarian diet for its wide range of inexpensive products available. A larger amount of choices lets you be more creative in the recipe while eating cheaply and well.

Many people feel that eating healthy costs more than meat, but in truth, most vegetarian foods such as dried beans, oats, and bananas are very inexpensive. Whew! My wallet feels heavier already from all of the money I’m saving!



Why not be the amazing person who became healthier or happier by changing their diet to a vegetarian one?

Let’s talk influence. I’m sure there are many people who look up to you and are interested in the way you live life and the choices you make. 

Just take a look at Mirabai Sebastian, an Instagramer, whose page full of healthy vegetarian recipes has over 9,000 followers. She started her page after needing to eat healthy and wanting to be more aware of the environment, and she now helps influence others to go in the same direction.

Trying out new vegetables, being creative with an old family recipe, or even just following a recipe from our recipes page are all awesome ways to make a dish worthy of your latest influential posting on your favourite social media site.

We look forward to seeing what you come up with, and if going full vegetarian isn’t for you, check out the Go Flex page for more information on how eating even a little less meat is helpful

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